Monday, May 24, 2010

Eye Shadow collection now only $49

We have sooo many deals right now, I am not sure which one to blab about first. We have the mascara deal, all 4 for $15, the lip gloss deal, all 12 for $29, the brush set deal, get $10 off your order and now we have just added the electro eye shadow deal, get the 12 color collection for only $49.00! Yes it is true, but this won't last, expires on June 4, 2010. So better get to ordering!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

CHICAGO clothing swap!

WHAT: Clothing Swap
DATE: 5/23/10
TIME: 3pm-6pm
LOCATION: Revolution Tattoo 2221 N. Western Ave

Booze and Snacks will be provided
$15 donation, take away as much or as little as you want.

So for the clothing swap virgin, here's how it works....
Bring whatever you can clean out of your closet. Whether a shopping
bag, a garbage bag or a rolling suitcase, and when you arrive we will
have arranged the space into areas for shoes, accessories, shirts,
jackets, etc. You'll grab a drink, unpack, breathe deep and start
shopping. Take as much as you want. Or use the opportunity to purge
and keep that closet looking lean. It's always fun to see where your
stuff ends up.

For $15, you might literally get a whole new wardrobe!

All leftovers will be donated to an organization yet to be determined.
Please RSVP and feel free to forward this.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Harajuku girl hearts Medusa's Make-Up!

I wanted to share this pic, so adorable! Harajuku girl hearts Medusa's Make-Up! This pic was sent to us from a customer in Japan. Her pale white skin is thanking our Theatrical foundation "Geisha" all natural mineral, just the look for these cutsies.

What we are listening to today!

THE GOLDEN FILTER: With a promise of magic and mystery, Voluspa is the debut album from New-York based electronic duo The Golden Filter. This is a disco album for the New Age with songs about goddesses, mythology and the golden filter that separates us from the spiritual realm. The Golden Filter are perhaps best known for their talented remixes of songs by artists such as Cut Copy, Little Boots and Empire of the Sun. With their debut, the duo have plied these skills to balancing the ethereal sounds of vocalist Penelope’s voice with an upbeat, otherworldly electronic sound.
Check them out!