Thursday, July 15, 2010

HOLE - Courtney Love still rock'n

I just saw Hole live last night at the Vic theater in Chicago. I was a little skeptical once I arrived, the crowd was a strange mix, not so cool. The first band Foxy Shazam was trying to be over the top kinda 70's circus glam, but it was sort of ridiculous, which was really making me wish I had not bought these tickets. I mean if Courtney Love chose that band, then what is she thinking? The wait seemed to be forever, I almost wanted to leave.
Finally, the show is starting, she walks out,
perfectly peroxide hair, cut in a long severe bob style, bangs in eyes, her face perfectly chiseled, only the best plastic surgery could buy. Her first words are "sorry I am late, I was shopping on Michigan Avenue". LOVE IT!
She starts with "Pretty on the inside" very old classic Hole...then continues with all of her classic songs, a few new ones, she is a classic american rock star, like keith richards in her own right, smoking like a million cigarettes through out the entire show.
By the way did I mention how skinny she is? Well, like so skinny her skin tight dress was baggy, SUPER SKINNY!You could see her belly button popping out from her stomach, kinda gross.
I was pleasantly pleased by the show, and she ended with Nothern Lights, acoustic....5 stars Courtney!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Join Pro Makeup Book!

I wanted to pass this along, cuz I just joined myself,(I know another social network) but if your really into makeup, this might be really cool! It is called "Pro Makeup Book" I like the looks of it so far, but I am writing this before I have even played around with it's functionality. Check it out and tell me what you think!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Fuerza Bruta "Brute Force"

We just saw Fuerza Bruta which tranlates "Brute Force" is awesome! It is like some weird dream, and a rave all mixed into one.When I refer the the rave part, it is because the audience all stands throughout the peformance, on the stage and the show happens all around, through the audience and literally above the audience's heads. (literally a glass swimming pool lowers above your head!) There are moments of anticipation, surprise, water misters, semi horns and dance music with confetti. Dress casual, get in the center, and look around. Since it is kinda like a dance party rave, feel free to dance and jump up and down, also in Chicago, there is a full bar in the lobby, encouraging you lossen up for this one!
I don't want to spoil any specifics, but definitely check this out if you can.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Xanadu Shoe Futuristic/Retro

The Xanadu Shoe
I am so excited to share this amazing find! I love when platforms are in style, these shoes totally rock. Women's Shoes By Jeffrey Campbell Shoes $160.00
Pebbled leather ankle bootie with futuristic cuff design; structural, leather covered platform with signature mirrored plate detail; pointed toe; 5" heel with 1.5" platform.
By Jeffrey Campbell buy them at: