Tuesday, December 15, 2009

oh Geeze! the count down is on!

Wow, time has gotten away from us! We have been so busy wrapped up in holiday orders that we have totally ingnored our blog! We went to see the movie "The Road" it was really good, many tears shed...working on our new launch for 2010, the electro eyeshadow are getting reformulated, better coloration, better pay off, we listen to our customers! Get your holiday orders in now, your running out of time!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

get your gifts now!

Only a few more days to take advantage of our current offers. Right now you can easily get $10 BUCKS off your next order by purchasing the brush set! Also we have temporary deals on our fabulous new color mascara! Check it out!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

I heart Hearts!



It's Saturday...now it is shopping time. I heart Hearts! I seriously have about 30 different necklaces with heart pendants. That's really not that many, right? I couldn't help but notice these awesome hand made heart necklaces on www.etsy.com, by the way love browsing that site! I will be making some purchases here this holiday season. If you heart Hearts check it out!
(top heart) http://www.etsy.com/shop/ara133
(bottom heart) http://www.etsy.com/shop/athinalabella

Monday, November 9, 2009

The Barbie suite at the Palms Hotel

Well, I know where I want to spend my next vacation! The Palms Hotel is known for partying and it’s unique suites. To continue Barbie’s 50th Anniversary celebration, the Palms hotel has created the ultimate Barbie Suite. The 2,350 square foot suite can hold up to 50 of your friends and is filled with Barbie branding. There are three queen-sized beds, an extra-large Jacuzzi, two-way fireplace, and tons of classic Barbie items and Barbie artwork.
Ever dreamed of living in Barbie’s Malibu Dream House? If so, now is your chance! Barbie has moved some of her favorite things from her Malibu pad (home of Barbie’s 50th Birthday Bash) to The Palms so girls of all ages can experience the fantasy and fun of Barbie’s lifestyle.
Designed by famed "Happy Chic" interior designer Jonathan Adler, this suite is the ultimate bachelorette pad! Featuring custom details that celebrate Barbie's pink panache, such as skirted, corseted, lace-up “dress” chairs, a sunburst mirror made from 65 Barbie® dolls and custom wall coverings in Barbie’s signature patterns, this suite lets guests live it up in true Barbie style!
Now if only the Palms would open a Hello Kitty Suite.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Where the Wild things Are - Karen O!

Awe, this is an instant classic, I knew from the commercial! I was teary eyed from the beginning, I am not sure why it struck such a chord, but it did. I loved Max, the weird loner boy at the heart of the story. This is a story about a lonely kid whose parents adore him but are just way too busy for him. Sound familiar? So Max finds his own world in the mix of a bunch of monsters, p.s. I love Carol too, aka Tony Soprano!
By the way the sound track is amazing, especially with last week's release of "All Is Love," the first single from the film's soundtrack by Karen O and the Kids on both MySpace and iTunes.
And now, the soundtrack -- featuring Karen O's collaborations with Deerhunter's Bradford Cox, Yeah Yeah Yeahs bandmates Nick Zinner and Brian Chase, the Dead Weather's Dean Fertita, and many more ...

NYLON magazine offers FREE stuff!

If you not familiar with NYLON magazine and you are really into fashion, beauty, music and current pop culture, then I suggest you run immediately to your news stand and grab a copy. Once you get a copy, you will realize why I subscribe, it comes automatically without worry and generally subscribers get their copies first, so you will be the first one to know about all the cool stuff! They often have really cool peeps on the cover and reviews of new music, we all might want to know about. Medusa's Make-Up has even had a few appearances from time to time, if I don't mind to brag a little!
I just noticed that they are currently running a subscription special, either get a free t-shirt or get free makeup. Either one sounds great. (1) year is $19.95 (50% off) and I am not getting paid to tell you about it either! http://www.nylonmag.com/

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Pumpkin Muffins!

OK, so I do not condone these, they are fattening, full of sugar etc. but I cannot resist the goodness of pumpkin flavored treats about this time of year. So today I walked to work. It's about a 20 minute walk, and half way there, I pass a dunkin donuts, I thought, I wonder if they are selling those delicious Pumpkin muffins... sure enough they were and with a hot cup of joe, I was ready to fill all those Halloween internet orders with highly pigmented eye dust and glitter! I wonder if I should walk to work tomorrow too?

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Cool tees

Our fave friends at Strange Monster have some super cool new tees just in time for the holiday's, especially Halloween. I also spied this super killer tee on the sale rack, only 5 BUCKS! It is sooo 80's just loving it! Go check 'em out! WWW.STRANGEMONSTER.COM

Whiten Your Teeth the Natural Way

The secret to this inexpensive home whitening method is malic acid, which acts as an astringent to remove surface discoloration. Combined with baking soda, strawberries become a natural tooth-cleanser, buffing away stains from coffee, red wine, and dark sodas. While it’s no replacement for a bleaching treatment at your dentist’s office, “this is a fast, cheap way to brighten your smile,” says Adina Carrel, DMD, a dentist in private practice at Manhattan Dental Arts in New York. “Be careful not to use this too often, though, as the acid could damage the enamel on your teeth.”

You need:
1 ripe strawberry
1/2 teaspoon baking soda

Directions: Crush the strawberry to a pulp, then mix with the baking soda until blended. Use a soft toothbrush to spread the mixture onto your teeth. Leave on for 5 minutes, then brush thoroughly with toothpaste to remove the berry–baking soda mix. Rinse. (A little floss will help get rid of any strawberry seeds.) Carrel says you can apply once a week.

By Karina Timmel

NEW color Mascara!

Finally, I have the chance to tell you about our new Mascara! We have already been selling it like crazy and it has only been in stock for less than 2 weeks! We have 4 rock'n colors, Black Magic, Majestic, Blue Blood and Envy. They are super fierce, come is a beautiful gift box and are only $9.00 each or the 4 piece set for $27.00. Also, this product is cruelty free and vegan!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Makeup Tips and Secrets?

Hey dolls, we have this new idea, which is to start a sort of community type makeup tips section on our blog, ideas are still floating through my brain, but I thought it would be really cool if you, the customer, were to submit tips and tricks you have discovered using Medusa's Make-Up products. Let me know your thoughts and then we will get this started! I think it sounds brilliant!

Our NEW beautiful site!

Do you love our new beautiful website makeover? Hopefully it is inspiring for all your new makeup looks for this fall winter! We have been working diligently to get it up, if you notice any broken links etc, please let us know. Also tell us what you think! We search the globe and we really think our site rocks!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

NEW stuff!

Hey ya'all! We have been really busy this summer working on product developement. It seems we can not sit still and be satisfied, we have to constantly have something new on the back burner! We have a new larger version of "The Fix" and "Stick it" coming out in just another week or so. The good news is, the package is larger, so you get more for your money!

We also have sold out of our signature cosmetic bag so guess what...yep not just (1) new style on the way, but (3) yes (3)!!!

Well and I am not finished talking about our new products yet, although, I do not want to spoil it, we are really excited about this item which will help finish off your great eye looks. I will keep you guessing.....on sale October 1st! Check back for more details!

Let me know what you think!


Monday, June 15, 2009

New home for Medusa's Make-Up!

Medusa's Make-Up has a new home! We out grew our old location after 3 years. Now we are fully equipped. We even have a super contemporary reception area. Our new space has a full manufacturing area, warehouse for shipping and receiving a roomy web order area and most importantly a cool design room for product development! We are really proud, our line is booming and it is all because you love us. Thanks a million customers!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

SUPER deal!

Super Deal! Get it while it lasts! Here at Medusa's make-Up we are offering our 12 piece collection of Lip Gloss for only $45 bucks! oh geeze, that is like totally crazy...that is a $108 value.
This rich and luxurious gloss glides on smooth and moisturizes your kisser. Better get them while they are hot, cuz this deal won't last girls...come on, we are waiting.

Sunday, April 5, 2009


It's finally here! An Eye Makeup Remover that will take it all off! This XTRA large 4 fl oz. bottle is an oil free formula with soothing Chamomile. This is so much better than soap girls! You gotta try it. It feels good and it makes the skin around your eyes super soft! $10.00.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Las Vegas, here we come...

We are off to Vegas for the MAGIC trade show! Let's see how many new stores want to carry Medusa's Make-Up. Hopefully we will be in a store near you, soon, but please be patient.
So we have a new product coming out in the beginning of March 2009, it is a long over due makeup remover. It has chamomile and is oil free. You will love it, I do!