Wednesday, December 3, 2008

BLUSH episode 4

When I watch shows like this one I always try to guess based on the judges point of view, who will be cast off. I was guessing that Mo would go, and sure enough, she went. She had awesome personal style, that bright red hair, her exaggerated false eyelashes, and super cute clothes. I just could not figure out why she could not transform her personal creativity onto her models. Oh, well, I liked her, but I felt she was not shining through on this show. I still like Maxi, he has great technique, I only wish I could see what these artist could do without a stop watch! Only one girl left against three outrageously awesome gay men! Will Farah hold her own next week? Watch Tuesdays on Lifetime, 9:00pmCST.

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Martina said...

I agree that Maxi is the star, he can be grating at times but he has the talent to back it up. I'm afraid poor Farah is not going to be able to hold her own against those three boys!