Monday, June 15, 2009

New home for Medusa's Make-Up!

Medusa's Make-Up has a new home! We out grew our old location after 3 years. Now we are fully equipped. We even have a super contemporary reception area. Our new space has a full manufacturing area, warehouse for shipping and receiving a roomy web order area and most importantly a cool design room for product development! We are really proud, our line is booming and it is all because you love us. Thanks a million customers!


mrnate29 said...

OMG!! LORA!! Its Gorgeous!! Congrats you two that really is HUGE......but of course you don't need me to tell you that! All the love and luck in the world to you and Pier!

Lara said...

Hi, it looks great!

I'm just wondering, will I see and Medusa products at the Sydney IMATS show?

Lara xo

Anonymous said...

this is incredible! I am so happy for you guys! I remember visiting the store at Belmont when I was [younger] and how heartbroken I was to learn that you were closing! I remember when you made an appearance in AP magazine-- I still have the article clipped and posted to my wall. To see that you both have come this far is a great feeling and an amazing feat for you. :) I use Medusa products everyday and I hope I'll be able to visit soon. Say hello to Pier.


Roxie said...

My daughters and I just found you online and made our first purchase. Can't wait to receive it and try the amazing colors out.
Thanks for offering the coolest trends and colors in makeup.

Sara_Berry said...

Wow, love it!
I actually just made a post about your brushes. I picked up the 5 piece set and I am so impressed. I had to share the info! I love what you are doing!
-sara x0x