Wednesday, November 26, 2008

BLUSH episode 3

Episode 3, now the show is starting to get serious, 2 contestants were eliminated, Sharzad, she just really needs to learn the difference between the 70's and the 80's, and the 20's etc. She definitely has a future career in makeup, but most likely behind a makeup counter, and that is totally fine. The judges thought she was a little heavy handed, I didn't mind, I like bold. Myke finally gets the boot, it's like sorry, but your personal style says it all, it is not about your age, but you look like the tour manager of Whitesnake, and as much as Whitesnake can totally rock, the tour manager look, is well, dated to say the least! He has this long list of experience, but it really didn't show, I mean, I heard Glamour shots is looking for a makeup artist.

Now is where this show is going to get good! It is really going to get heated with the remaining artist, they all know that everyone left now is truly talented and has special expertise, so it will depend on the challenges ahead. Maxi, dear, you still have a huge chance, but it is not in the bag yet!

Watch episode 4 Tuesday December 2, 2008 Lifetime

p.s. you can also watch previous episodes on the lifetime web site.


makeupbynani said...

I am a professional freelance make up artist who just so happens to work full time at Glamour Shots as well. I take offense to your comment about my place of employment however i agree w/ everything else.

javieth said...

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